Storm the House 3′ Cheat Codes Tips

unduhan-29In Storm the House 3, a player needs to shield a house from intruders by shooting at them. On each fruitful execute, the player gets a reward of $100. The main procedure in this amusement is to rapidly take out the intruders while watching out for the quick debilitating ammunition. As you murder increasingly foes, you get more cash, which you can use to update your weaponry and enhance your barrier. In any case, as your barrier gets intense, the foe tribe assaults considerably more furiously as they too move up to weapons and big guns to coordinate your level of protection.

When the game starts to feel too tough, a player is always tempted to use cheat codes to bypass a certain level of difficulty, which makes winning more easy and rewarding.

Storm the House 3: Cheat Codes for PC

In the main menu of the game, look for the ‘Cheats’ option. Click on it; enter one code at a time, and hit enter.

Cheat Effect
goldfinger Fisty McBeefpunch
moonraker Enemies Moonwalk
octopussy More Tower Slots
die another day God Mode
from russia with love Unlimited Ammo
diamonds are forever Unlimited Money
live and let die Full Wall
the living daylights Shorter Day Length
the world is not enough All Weapons Unlocked

The above cheats would help you gain money, enter god mode, improve defense drastically, and reduce the round time. You could even use some quick game tips given below to enhance the game experience.

Game Tips

  • Kill those enemies first that are nearest to your house, and don’t forget to reload quickly.
  • During the initial rounds (or days) of the game, only hire gunmen as they are the best way to defend your house from enemies. If you have a good army of gunmen, the enemies won’t even reach the wall of your house.
  • Once you reach the level wherein you start seeing tanks or enemies with bazookas, try to get the sniper rifle upgrade immediately; it would help you get rid of these without too much shooting or reloading.
  • Hire craftsman to make minor repairs to your house instead of going for a complete repair. A complete repair is only required when you are doubtful about your survival in the next round.
  • At later stages, when the gameplay gets increasingly tough, getting missile silos is a good option. Silos would minimize the task of your gunmen and would ease your efforts too.

Storm the House 3 is a very, very addicting game, and even more addicting with the use of cheat codes. However, try playing the game without cheat codes initially, to get a true, unaltered gaming experience. Have fun!