Spring is here and that means wedding season is here as well. Additionally, many people plan housewarming parties, graduation is just a few short months away, and even baby showers are more prominent this time of year.

If you have a birthday or other event coming up where a gift is required, why go out of your comfort zone and try something new. Instead of the traditional gift card (which by the way shows that you either don’t know the person very well or that you bought it last minute) show this person you care by doing something a little extraordinary.

If your list of events coming up seems to be longer than the receipt you receive at CVS, here are some fun, inexpensive alternatives to your traditional gifts.

Something intangible

This can be a kid-free night of babysitting, or a dog walker after a surgery, or just spending time with someone. These are the best gifts to give because they really show where your heart is and you can bet they will remember the generosity for years to come.

Something homemade

This shows that you not only care about the recipient, but that you also know them very well. Maybe for a housewarming you can find a map of their new address and have it glazed on a cool piece of rustic wood or a set of wine glasses with their new zip code.

Subscription boxes

Another gift that continues to give all year long are those monthly delivery gift boxes, like Birchbox. This gives the gift receiver five samples of beauty products and changes it out monthly. It’s a great gift for those people who are impossible to buy for because it gives them a little bit of everything!

If you want to be the family member who is remembered during birthdays, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, or just about anytime else a gift is a required, try some of these fun gift alternatives when you start your shopping list.