Ways to Buying a Gaming Mouse

Gaming fever is by all accounts on an untouched high, with amusement engineers every day pushing the limits of hyper-reality with recreations that appear to be real to the point that they immerse you for a considerable length of time. Indeed, even with the approach of intense diversion reassures like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the fame of PC gaming is on the ascent. This is predominantly due to the simple accessibility and attainability of PCs. Likewise, the best of recreations are generally at the same time discharged for the PC stage alongside the other gaming stages. To benefit as much as possible from this, your PC gaming background, you require the correct equipment, and none is more critical than the mouse.

There are plenty of gaming mice available in the market today, which offer different features. You might, however, want to keep in mind that, unlike most other hardware, you cannot have a one-mouse-serves-all approach. So, while a certain kind of mouse would be great for burning some rubber as you maneuver your car around the treacherous turns, the same mouse might turn out to be a complete disaster when you try sniping someone. Here are a few parameters that you might want to consider before you pick a mouse that best suits your gaming needs.

Dots Per Inch or DPI is the number of pixels the cursor on the screen moves when you move the mouse by an inch. Simply put, the higher the DPI, the more your cursor moves with minimal mouse movement, and vice versa. A mouse with high DPI (>1600) would be ideal for shoot ’em up games where you’re constantly on the move. These are also useful if you have a large screen or monitor, as you would not need to strain as much navigating from one end of the screen to the other. A lower DPI (<1600) is perfect for games that involve stealth and better control of the mouse. Some high-end gaming mice give you the option to change their DPI setting.

Acceleration is the speed at which the cursor moves in proportion to the speed at which the mouse is moved. The lower the acceleration the more control you have over the cursor. Most mice do not let you change the acceleration and have a standard acceleration. This is a parameter that cannot really be verified by the end user and as most gaming mice have a good acceleration value, this isn’t really a decisive factor while buying a mouse.

Polling Rate
Polling rate is essentially the response time of the cursor with respect to any action of the mouse. The higher the polling rate, the more often your mouse registers an action. For hardcore gamers, a polling rate in the range of 400 – 1,000 Hz should be just about perfect. For wireless mice, a higher polling rate would mean higher battery consumption.

For those who like no hindrance while playing games, even with mouse wires, there’s nothing quite like a wireless mouse. These, however, run out of battery pretty soon, which is never a problem with wired mice. If you prefer a wireless mouse, opt for one with a large in-built rechargeable battery rather than one that uses removable batteries. The weight and range are other factors that you might also want to consider while buying a wireless gaming mouse.

Additional Buttons
Most gaming mice come with additional buttons apart from the standard three buttons (left, right and scroll). These buttons can be customized to handle specific functions in a game, and are very useful. Usually, a button on each side of the mouse should suffice for most gaming needs. Some mice feature profile storage options which allow you to save multiple settings on the mouse to use for different gaming needs. This is a feature that is rather handy if you play games across various genres.

Comfort is probably, one of the most important factors to consider when buying a gaming mouse. Most games keep you occupied for hours together with almost all their in-game actions controlled by the mouse. Get a hands-on feel of the mouse if you can before buying it, as you would be using it for really long periods. This is all the more important if you are looking for a wireless gaming mouse as more often than not, you would not be using it on a level surface. As a rule of thumb, always choose ergonomics over style. Also, while selecting a mouse that best suits you, you may want to consider one that best matches your dominant hand (left or right) and the way you grip the mouse (palm, fingertip, or claw grip).

Here’s our pick of the Top 10 gaming mice in the market today.

Razer DeathAdder
Logitech G400s
Razer Taipan
Alienware TactX
SteelSeries Sensei
Ozone Radon Opto
Mionix NAOS 8200
Mionix AVIOR 8200

With the perfect gaming mouse by your side, you should be able to get that perfect drift, the perfect headshot, and move around with the stealth of a cat in your virtual world. Cheers.

Tips to Real-time Strategy Games for PC

Ongoing system is an immensely well known type of PC diversions. Extensively, it comprises of the player controlling a specific group, gathering different assets, shaping armed forces for guard and assault, and inevitably ruling as indicated by the states of the specific amusement. It is one of only a handful couple of sorts that is really guaranteed to profit the individuals who play it, by improving their basic leadership aptitudes and fast considering.

In an age of shrinking influence of PCs, real-time strategy, or RTS games requires gamers to own a PC. While there have been several attempts to shift the world of RTS gaming away from the mouse and towards the controller, virtually all of them have been unmitigated disasters, since the particular UI of RTS games just doesn’t work with controllers. Here’s a list of the best RTS games that make owning a PC worthwhile.

Top 10 RTS Games

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Ensemble Studio’s Age of Empires, first launched in 1997, has attained legendary status among fans of the RTS genre. The 1999 sequel, The Age of Kings (and its expansion pack, Age of Conquerors), ironed out the obvious flaws in the first edition of AoE, and its unit designs, iconic background score and voice work, and―lest we forget―cheat codes made it an irresistible package for every teen in the world (yes, yes, including yours truly). Many of these teens would still swear by this game as the one that gave rise to the gamer in them. This game was also notable for having a veritable encyclopedia about various medieval subjects, such as specific civilizations and units. Though the technical limitations of this game would probably not appeal to budding gamers, it remains a prized game for the 1990s generation.

Age of Empires III

Yes, it’s a bit unfair to include two titles from the same series, but the radically changed graphics in the third edition of AoE definitely warrant a place on its own. Whereas Age of Kings dealt with the medieval ages in general, the third AoE game, released in 2005, focused on the European colonization of the Americas. The main bonus in the new edition was the hugely improved 3D graphics. The battle scenes and, though it may seem grim and sadistic, the explosions, were a notch above anything else anybody else could deliver. Though the campaigns in this version were criticized (as they were in Age of Kings), the gameplay remains more alluring than ever.

Rise of Nations

Still one of the best exponents of the RTS genre to combine the characteristics of turn-based strategy games (such as ‘Risk’) with the tactics of military games, Rise of Nations is a gaming legend. The visuals and audio score were praised by several game reviewers, as was the gameplay. There are numerous campaigns to play, including one where you try to lead the nation of your choice to world domination. In contrast to Age of Empires, which only charted the development of human civilization from the dark ages to the medieval times, Rise of Nations lets you advance to the modern age and offers advanced units such as elite special forces and stealth bombers. An important feature of this game is that sources of all six resources are infinite; however, many consider this a drawback, since this takes away the urgent need to attack other players, unlike in Age of Empires, where the natural occurrence of each resource is limited and exhaustible. Despite this, this is one RTS game that is worth spending hours on end―I certainly do!

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

The, as yet, last RTS offering from Blizzard Entertainment’s epic Warcraft series (discounting its expansion packs), Reign of Chaos is a wildly popular and universally praised RTS game. Warcraft has always garnered praise for its gameplay, and the third title, released in 2002, keeps up with the tradition. In contrast to most other RTS games (for instance, the three games listed above), where the opening sequences are basically a race to progress through the ‘ages’, Reign of Chaos was particularly praised for its engrossing initial sequences. Minor changes to the gameplay, such as the addition of a day-night cycle, also enhanced the gaming experience. In the words of IGN, “There’s not a ton that’s new to RTS buffs out there, but it’s done well enough that you either won’t notice or won’t care”;

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

A much-anticipated and overdue follow-up to the 1998 game StarCraft, this 2010 title gained fame for the same strengths as its predecessor: Its excellently woven and told storyline and new, innovative gameplay features. It became the fastest selling RTS game of all time at the time of its release.

Command & Conquer: Generals

Another popular RTS game series, Command & Conquer: Generals presents a storyline involving the USA and China as the two global superpowers, and a Global Liberation Army intent on destroying them both. The user can play as any of the three factions. Like Rise of Nations, Command & Conquer allows you to control modern and advanced machinery such as nuclear missiles and attack helicopters.

Age of Mythology

Based on the same concept of army-building and resource management as its parent series Age of Empires, this 2002 spin-off spiced things up thanks to its emphasis on mythological storylines and figures from Greek, Nordic, and Egyptian mythologies. The gameplay is virtually the same as the first two editions of Age of Empires, but divine powers are now available to the players in the form of mythical units and the power to cause disasters, such as earthquakes and devastating meteor showers, in their enemy’s territory.

Company of Heroes

Released in 2006, this relatively modern game has gained countless admirers for its brilliant graphics. Utilizing the Essence Engine and the Havok physics engines, this game features dynamic lighting and extremely realistic battle conditions, including tanks that can drive through certain walls, and smoke that is influenced by the prevailing wind conditions! Set during the Second World War, this game allows you to control specific companies in order to gain as much territory as you can and push back the Wehrmacht.

Empire Earth

Created by Stainless Steel Studios. which was formed by the co-founder of Ensemble Studios, Rick Goodman, this 2001 RTS game is supposedly what Goodman had in mind when he designed Age of Empires. It is can be crudely described as a cross between AoE and Rise of Nations, with a gameplay similar to Age of Empire, consisting of resources that need to be gathered in order to build cities and raise armies, allied with a timeline similar to Rise of Nations, spanning several thousand years of human development from the dark ages to the ‘nano age’.

Total War: Shogun 2

The Total War series is famous for its blend of turn-based strategy and real-time tactics, and nowhere is the blend more enjoyable than the 2011 release, Shogun 2. Deviating from the recent Total War locations around Europe, this journey into the Land of the Rising Sun allows you to control one of eight factions and lead them to rule the whole of Japan.

These were the best examples of why the genre of real-time strategy is so popular among gamers. Get one of these on your PC (or if you have a lot of time on your hand get more than one…and also, get a job), and be prepared to see hours and hours of your time slip by right under your nose.

Storm the House 3′ Cheat Codes Tips

unduhan-29In Storm the House 3, a player needs to shield a house from intruders by shooting at them. On each fruitful execute, the player gets a reward of $100. The main procedure in this amusement is to rapidly take out the intruders while watching out for the quick debilitating ammunition. As you murder increasingly foes, you get more cash, which you can use to update your weaponry and enhance your barrier. In any case, as your barrier gets intense, the foe tribe assaults considerably more furiously as they too move up to weapons and big guns to coordinate your level of protection.

When the game starts to feel too tough, a player is always tempted to use cheat codes to bypass a certain level of difficulty, which makes winning more easy and rewarding.

Storm the House 3: Cheat Codes for PC

In the main menu of the game, look for the ‘Cheats’ option. Click on it; enter one code at a time, and hit enter.

Cheat Effect
goldfinger Fisty McBeefpunch
moonraker Enemies Moonwalk
octopussy More Tower Slots
die another day God Mode
from russia with love Unlimited Ammo
diamonds are forever Unlimited Money
live and let die Full Wall
the living daylights Shorter Day Length
the world is not enough All Weapons Unlocked

The above cheats would help you gain money, enter god mode, improve defense drastically, and reduce the round time. You could even use some quick game tips given below to enhance the game experience.

Game Tips

  • Kill those enemies first that are nearest to your house, and don’t forget to reload quickly.
  • During the initial rounds (or days) of the game, only hire gunmen as they are the best way to defend your house from enemies. If you have a good army of gunmen, the enemies won’t even reach the wall of your house.
  • Once you reach the level wherein you start seeing tanks or enemies with bazookas, try to get the sniper rifle upgrade immediately; it would help you get rid of these without too much shooting or reloading.
  • Hire craftsman to make minor repairs to your house instead of going for a complete repair. A complete repair is only required when you are doubtful about your survival in the next round.
  • At later stages, when the gameplay gets increasingly tough, getting missile silos is a good option. Silos would minimize the task of your gunmen and would ease your efforts too.

Storm the House 3 is a very, very addicting game, and even more addicting with the use of cheat codes. However, try playing the game without cheat codes initially, to get a true, unaltered gaming experience. Have fun!

Best Space Strategy Games for PC

System has been one of the most loved sorts in the gaming scene. The plot for space procedure amusements, is, now and again, cutting edge. Here is a diagram of a portion of the best space methodology amusements. Take your pick…

In a strategy game, the decisions that gamer(s) take during the course of the game makes a difference in the outcome of the game. When playing these games, players need to be aware of the developments that take place in the game. What seems like a minor happening can have a momentous impact on the final outcome of the game. These games demand, from the players, the ability to think ahead of the current scenario and have a second plan ready in case the desired outcome is not achieved.

Many are fascinated by space. They are hardcore fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, and the like. Add some strategy-building abilities to this fascination, and be ready to be entertained for hours together, by some of the best space strategy games available.

Space-based Strategy Games for PC

Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri

This turn-based game has been developed by Firaxis Games. It belongs to the 4X genre. In this genre, players need to expand, explore, exploit, and exterminate an empire. The plot is futuristic and set in the 22nd century. The gameplay is from a third-person perspective, and it has been directed by Sid Meier. The strategies in the game revolve around the idea of colonization of space. Players can choose to be the leader of any one of the seven available factions. This game is a spin-off of the civilization series. It was released in 1999, and is compatible with Linux, MAC OS, and Windows platforms.

Sins of a Solar Empire

This game has been developed by Ironclad Games. It is a real-time game and belongs to the 4X strategy genre. Here, players can choose to be the leader of any one of the three races – Trader Emergency Coalition (TEC), Advent, and Vasari. Leaders have control of their space empires. The goal here is to conquer different star systems. There are four packages of the game that have been released so far. The first was Entrenchment, followed by Diplomacy. The third package was Trinity. Rebellion was as the fourth stand-alone package of this game. This game was released in 2008, and is compatible with the Windows platform.

Star Wars: Empire at War

This game has been developed by Petroglyph Games. The showdown in this game is mainly between Empire and Rebels. Players can choose from three available game modes. These are Campaign, Galactic Conquest, and Skirmish. In this game, at times, there are land battles along with space battles. It is a real-time strategy game, which was released in 2006. Later, in the same year, an expansion pack was released for the game. This was titled Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. This game is compatible with Windows and MAC OS platforms.

Galactic Civilizations

This is another turn-based strategy game, which has been developed by Stardock. The plot of this game is based in the 23rd century. Players are only assigned the human race. The player becomes the leader of the human race, and the goal to be achieved in this game is of galactic domination through colonization of the space. This game does not support multiplayer gameplay. The player has to play against AI (Artificial Intelligence) opponents. He can choose from various civilizations, which are Terran Alliance, Drengin Empire, Altarian Resistance, Arcean Empire, Yor Collective, Torian Confederation, Dominion of the Korx, and Drath Legion. This game was released in 2003, and is compatible with the Windows platform.

Lords of the Black Sun

This game was previously titled Star Lords. It is a turn-based game of the 4X strategy genre. You can play this game with multiple players along with AI. Players have eight races to choose from, and they are assigned as the leader of the race they choose. These leaders rule their empire, where the goal is to achieve space colonization. The game has been developed by Arkavi Studios. It was released in 2014, and is compatible with the Windows platform.

Master of Orion

This again is a turn-based game, and belongs to the 4X genre of mystery games. It has been developed by Simtex. Like most other games on this list, the goal here is to develop colonies in space. This game has its focus on colonization of the star systems. There are ten races available for the player to choose from. This is not one of the multiplayer space strategy games for PC. It is a single-player game, and players are pitted against AI. This game was first released in 1993, and is compatible with MS-DOS, Apple Macintosh, and Commodore Amiga.

Sword of the Star

This game is also from the 4X strategy genre. It has been developed by Kerberos Productions. Players get to choose to play from the various races, and the goal is to colonize the star systems. This is also a multiplayer game, besides providing an option to pit a single player against AI. Its sequel was released in 2011, while the game was originally released in 2006. It is compatible with the Windows platform.


This game has been developed by Relic Entertainment. It is the first 3D game in the real-time strategy (RTS) category. There are two races to choose from – Kushan and Taiidan. Players are provided with the option of playing individually against AI or in a group. The game was released in 1999, and is compatible with the Windows platform.

Endless Space

One more game in the category of 4X strategy genre, this is a turn-based game, which has been developed by Amplitude Studios. This game has options for multiple players to play the same game, as well for a single player to take on AI. The plot takes place in 3000 A.D., where players are the leaders of their interstellar empires. Here, they can create their own civilizations, and one of the ways to achieve victory is by universal colonization. The battle scenes in this game take place in long-range combat, medium-range combat, and combat at close quarters. The game was released in 2012, and is compatible with the MAC OS and Windows platform.

Planetary Annihilation

This is a real-time strategy (RTS) game, and has been developed by Uber Entertainment. Players are provided with a map consisting of various planets and asteroids. They have to capture these planets, which can also be annihilated by other planets. A player loses on losing the last commander of the fleet. This game draws heavy resemblance to Total Annihilation. It was released in 2014, and is compatible wit the MAC OS, Windows, and Linux platforms.

These were some of the top space strategy games for PCs, that provide a balanced mix of best of both the worlds, or should I say, many other worlds.