Typing Games for Kids

Kids today must be genius productive with their writing aptitudes, as the school educational programs incorporates the utilization of PC. There is no formal preparing that instructs kids to sort. You can request that the youngster utilize the console under your direction to make him comprehend and figure out how to sort. The most ideal approach to acquaint a tyke with writing is through play. What’s more, what superior to acquainting them with writing recreations for children? You’ll discover plnety of them on the web. In the passages beneath, you will discover a few points of interest of such writing recreations. Likewise, some vital pointers are talked about that will help guardians choose the best web based writing recreations for their children.

The Need For Typing Games for Children
Typing, at its basic level, teaches the child to use just his two fingers. This makes him slow in typing.

  • The child may also become uncomfortable attending the typing lessons in schools, as he might not know how to position his fingers on the computer keyboard.
    Keyboard games for kids help them learn the various functions of the keyboard and how to correspond each finger position while typing.
  • Educational computer games for kids are also a fun way to teach kids alphabets, spellings, and their meanings. Children tend to pick up things faster with play.
  • You don’t have to force your children to learn and improve their typing as they will enjoy playing these keyboard games. These games help them focus on what they are typing and not typing itself.
  • Kids are fast learners as compared to adults, as their reflexes are better than adults. Thus, they learn to type faster with regular practice.
  • There are many typing software available that help improve typing techniques. They are reasonably priced and are a good investment for parents, as they help children learn typing without them realizing that they are picking up a new talent.

Advantages of Typing Games for Children

  • To begin with, typing games for kids inculcate computer awareness in children who have no computer knowledge.
  • It helps provide children with hours of practice without them getting bored with the practice.
  • Children are attracted towards fun and frolic, and these attractive games make children learn typing on their own.
  • Typing games not only help develop the typing skills, but also help children learn letters, sentences, spellings, and alphabets.
  • They also teach phonetics and numbers to children.
  • Children also learn about basic working of the computer.
  • The musical game challenges glues them to the monitor and helps them practice spellings as well as numbers with pleasure.
  • These games help develop rational and logical thinking in kids.
  • They learn to make decisions on their own and find new ways to overcome obstacles.

Categories of Typing Games

  • There are many other options for buying software for typing games; the internet is the best place to find hundreds of free game downloads for kids.
    You can even pay a monthly subscription and gain access to millions of keyboard games for kids.
  • There are websites which offer online games for free. There are websites that not only offer games, but online typing lessons for kids as well.
    The games are so designed that the child is required to type a given paragraph, and then check out the score.
  • This is a fun way as children learn from their mistakes and try to better themselves every time they play the game, thus, improving their typing score and typing speed.
    Some sites also offer games where the child needs to type in the correct spelling within a given time frame.
  • There are games that are filled with adventure, and the kid needs to be fast in typing as well as good with spellings to achieve the set goal.
  • Such computer typing games are not only fun but educative. Parents will definitely be relieved to see their kids spend hours on the computer learning something educative as well as improving their computer skills.

When choosing typing games for kids, consider if they are easy to understand and user-friendly. Also, the game content should not be offensive, racial, or violent, as these factors may affect the young minds. Computer typing has become a part of life; be it in homes, offices, or even schools. Typing has become an asset as well as a necessity in today’s fast-paced and computer-dependent world. Typing PC games for kids also help you spend some quality time with your kids. They are the best way to keep the tiny gray cells in your children’s brain working and refresh the young minds.

How to Find Free Computer Games

Is it accurate to say that you are inconceivably exhausted? Is it accurate to say that you are burnt out on investing energy in person to person communication destinations like Facebook? At that point it is time you looked at a portion of the best free amusements offered by sites on the Internet. When you begin playing these internet recreations, your weariness will clearly appear miles away.

The age of television entertainment and arcade games is passe. It is the time of the Internet and action has shifted to virtual space now. Whatever you need, Internet will deliver. One of the greatest past times that netizens indulge in is playing free games online. There are many sources in the form of websites that offer you some great gaming action absolutely free. Most of these games are flash based and are hosted by many sites for free. Even advanced games of amazing graphic quality are offered by some websites for free download.

It would be a sin not to take advantage of these games when they are offered online for free. The best part is that some games are even multiplayer type, where you get a chance to interact and play with other people.

Free Games Offered Online

The Internet has had a huge impact on the gaming world. Most top games will have a multiplayer mode for online game play. The free computer games presented by websites range from classic arcade games to flash games based on various themes and even games with high-definition graphics.

Most of the classic arcade games like Mario Brothers are offered as freeware download by many websites. Some offer an online interface where you need to register for online game play. One such service is Yahoo games. Other than this there are plenty of free games provided by websites which include board games, games like Pool and even Darts. Most of these also let you download games to your PC and play them for free. There are too many such websites for me to list here. Google can find them for you. Zynga, Zapak and Yahoo Games are three web portals, where you can play a range of games for free. Zynga has several games which can be played on Facebook, with your friends.

However, if you are looking for some of the best computer games of all time, then you have no option, but to buy these games from your nearest stores. However, most of the top game designers offer free trials of games for you to try out. So you could download some free trials or demo version of some of these best computer games and try them out. If you want the real deal, then it’s best that you buy them. Be careful while downloading games from websites, as they may contain viruses and trojans, which are disguised as real games. Only download computer games from trusted websites.

My personal favorite gaming service is Yahoo games, where I have spent hours in the Chess game room. There are some pretty good players on Yahoo chess who are regulars. Joining these game rooms can give you an opportunity to match with some of the best chess brains in the world. You can explore on Google for more web sites that offer classic arcade and video game for free download. Just make sure that you don’t spend too much time playing computer games to the point where it becomes addictive. There is fun in moderate enjoyment of such things!

How to Super Smash Flash 2

Super Smash Flash 2 prevalently known as SSF2, is a Macromedia Flash multiplayer diversion created by McLeodGaming. It is a spin-off of the well known Super Smash Flash, and is approximately in view of the plot of Super Smash Bros Series. Throughout the years, designers have discharged different demo renditions and the present one is v0.9.

The game plot of SSF2 is pretty similar to the original Super Smash Bros game series. In SSF2, the health of each character is determined by the level of damage it encounters. More damage means more risk.

SSF2 provides two game play modes for matches: Stock and Time Mode. Players can also use the combination of the two to play. Stock Mode provides a chosen number of lives to each player and for every KO or self-destruct, the player loses a life. After losing all the lives, the character is defeated and the survivor wins. In Time Mode, the player receives a point when he/she knocks out an opponent, and loses when the reverse happens. In a tie, a Sudden Death match will determine the winner.

As this game is updated regularly, the information given here will change accordingly.

For movements and to perform attacks players can use the following controls.

Player 1
Movements A, S, D & W
Standard Attack P
Shield I
Taunting 1
Final Attack O
Player 2 (Numpad)
Movements Arrow Keys
Standard Attack 2
Shield 3
Taunting 4
Final Attack 1

SSF2 Characters – Starter

Each SSF2 character or fighter represents a specific universe and fight each other to win. The game mode of SSF2 represents two types of characters: Starter Characters (accessible from the beginning of the game) and Unlockable Characters (these are available after completion of certain stages or conditions). The players can also use Expansion Characters or Downloadable Content (DLC) to play against each other.

Character Black Mage
Universe Final Fantasy
Standard Special Move Stop
Side Special Move Haste
Up Special Move Warp
Down Special Move Meteor
Final Smash Random Battle
Character Bomberman
Universe Bomberman
Standard Special Move Bomb Throw
Side Special Move Bomb Kick
Up Special Move Jetpack
Down Special Move Remote Detonation
Final Smash NA
Character Captain Falcon
Universe F-Zero
Standard Special Move Falcon Punch
Side Special Move Raptor Boost
Up Special Move Falcon Dive
Down Special Move Falcon Kick
Final Smash Blue Falcon
Character Donkey Kong
Universe Donkey Kong
Standard Special Move Giant Punch
Side Special Move Headbutt
Up Special Move Spinning Kong
Down Special Move Hand Slap
Final Smash Arcade
Character Fox
Universe Star Fox
Standard Special Move Blaster
Side Special Move Fox Illusion
Up Special Move Fire Fox
Down Special Move Reflector
Final Smash Landmaster
Character Samus
Universe Metroid
Standard Special Move Charge Shot
Side Special Move Missile
Up Special Move Screw Attack
Down Special Move Bomb
Final Smash Hyper Beam
Character Ichigo
Universe Bleach
Standard Special Move Getsuga Tenshō
Side Special Move Engetsuzan
Up Special Move Kōtei-ki-Tōshin
Down Special Move Gazan
Final Smash Bankai
Character Jigglypuff
Universe Pokémon
Standard Special Move Rollout
Side Special Move Pound
Up Special Move Sing
Down Special Move Rest
Final Smash Puff Up
Character Kirby
Universe Kirby
Standard Special Move Inhale
Side Special Move Hammer
Up Special Move Final Cutter
Down Special Move Stone
Final Smash Cook Kirby
Character Link
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Standard Special Move Hero’s Bow
Side Special Move Gale Boomerang
Up Special Move Spin Attack
Down Special Move Bomb
Final Smash Triforce Slash
Character Lloyd
Universe Tales
Standard Special Move Demon Fang
Side Special Move Sonic Thrust
Up Special Move Tiger Blade
Down Special Move Grave Blade
Final Smash Falcon’s Crest
Character Mario
Universe Mario
Standard Special Move Fireball
Side Special Move Cape
Up Special Move Super Jump Punch
Down Special Move Star Spin
Final Smash Fire Mario
Character Mega Man
Universe Mega Man
Standard Special Move Weapon Use
Side Special Move Proto Shield
Up Special Move Beat Call
Down Special Move Weapon Switch
Final Smash Super Adapter
Character Meta Knight
Universe Kirby
Standard Special Move Mach Tornado
Side Special Move Drill Rush
Up Special Move Shuttle Loop
Down Special Move Dimensional Cape
Final Smash Tornado Ultra
Character Naruto
Universe Naruto
Standard Special Move Rasengan
Side Special Move Shadow Clone Launch
Up Special Move Rising Kunai Slash
Down Special Move Shadow Clone Summon
Final Smash Kyūbi Naruto
Character Ness
Universe EarthBound
Standard Special Move PK Flash
Side Special Move PK Fire
Up Special Move PK Thunder
Down Special Move PSI Magnet
Final Smash PK Starstorm
Character Sora
Universe Kingdom Hearts
Standard Special Move Firaga
Side Special Move Strike Raid
Up Special Move Finishing Leap
Down Special Move Thundaga
Final Smash Trinity Limit
Character Tails
Universe Sonic
Standard Special Move Electron Cannon
Side Special Move Rhythm Twister
Up Special Move Tails Whirlwind
Down Special Move Spin Dash
Final Smash Tornado
Character Yoshi
Universe Yoshi
Standard Special Move Egg Lay
Side Special Move Egg Roll
Up Special Move Egg Toss
Down Special Move Yoshi Bomb
Final Smash Dragon
Character Zelda/Shiek
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Standard Special Move Nayru’s Love/Needle Storm
Side Special Move Din’s Fire/Chain
Up Special Move Farore’s Wind/Vanish
Down Special Move Transform
Final Smash NA
Character Goku
Universe Dragon Ball
Standard Special Move Kamehameha
Side Special Move Ki Blasts
Up Special Move Instantaneous Transmission
Down Special Move Kaiō-ken
Final Smash Super Saiyan Goku
Character Sonic
Universe Sonic
Standard Special Move Homing Attack
Side Special Move Light Dash
Up Special Move Spring Jump
Down Special Move Spin Dash and Bounce Attack
Final Smash Super Sonic

SSF2 Current Playable Stages

Battlefield (Smash Bros.)
Final Destination (Smash Bros.)
Galaxy Tours (Super Mario Bros.)
Mushroom Kingdom 3 (Super Mario Bros.)
Bowser’s Castle (Super Mario Bros.)
Jungle Hijinx (Donkey Kong)
Gangplank Galleon (Donkey Kong)
Yoshi’s Island (Yoshi)
WarioWare, Inc. (Wario)
Emerald Cave (Wario)
Nintendo 3DS (Nintendo DS)
Skull Fortress (Mega Man)
Central Highway (Mega Man)
Twilight Town (Kingdom Hearts)
Bomb Factory (Bomberman)
Tower of Salvation (Tales of Symphonia)
Planet Namek (Dragon Ball Z)
Clock Town (The Legend of Zelda)
Hylian Skies (The Legend of Zelda)
Rainbow Route (Kirby)
Pokémon Stadium 3 (Pokémon)
Meteo Voyage (Star Fox)
Crateria (Metroid)
Phase 8 (Metroid)
Sand Ocean (F-Zero)
Saturn Valley (EarthBound)
Dracula’s Castle (Castlevania)
Chaos Shrine (Final Fantasy)
Lunar Core (Final Fantasy)
Casino Night Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Sky Sanctuary (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Hueco Mundo (Bleach)
Hidden Leaf Village (Naruto)

In addition to the stages, SSF2 also provides Comet Observatory, Freezeflame Galaxy and Good Egg Galaxy collectively known as Galaxy Tours.

Game Modes
Adventure Mode – Flash of Shadows: This mode is playable only in the installed version and doesn’t work for the browser version.
Adventure Mode: This game mode is inspired from SSF and is filled with known levels such as Super Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom. In addition to enemies, players may also have to unlock doors and face cannons.
Classic Mode: This mode provides an opportunity to fight off random characters on respective stages.
Training Mode: This mode allows the player to test various characters, their moves and try out different items.
Stadium: Stadium actually offers a series of single player sub-games which offer the Target Smash Mode and Multi-Man Mode.
Brawl Mode: In Brawl Mode, players enjoy various types of fights with different characters in different stages.

Items play an important role in SSF2 and they appear randomly in various areas while playing. The game also allows players to control the spawning of the items through the Item Switch Menu. Through this menu, players can customize the appearance of items and also turn them off permanently. Here are a list of items available in SSF2.

Items Universe
Assist Trophy Super Mario Bros.
Beam Sword Super Mario Bros.
Bumper Super Mario Bros.
Bob-omb Mario
Green Shell Mario
Freezie Mario
Poison Mushroom Mario
Red Shell Mario
Spike Shell Mario
Super Mushroom Mario
Cucco The Legend of Zelda
Heart Container The Legend of Zelda
Capsule Super Smash Bros.
Fan Super Smash Bros.
Home-Run Bat Super Smash Bros.
Food Super Smash Bros.
Ray Gun Super Smash Bros.
Smash Ball Super Smash Bros.
E-Tank Mega Man
Exploding Tag Naruto
Maxim Tomato Kirby
Mr. Saturn EarthBound
Poké Ball Pokémon
Trigger Item Ace Attorney

Scoring over 400,000 plays everyday on McLeodGaming alone, Super Smash Flash 2 is one of the most popular flash games on the Internet today. Its advanced gameplay, interface and characters have received a standing ovation from audiences and critics globally. Though there are certain areas which definitely need improvement, McLeodGaming developers are working round the clock to fix all the bugs by releasing tiny demo updates from time to time. Even though SSF2 is the reboot of the original Super Smash Flash, it has fared much better than its predecessor and is often considered the best game in the entire Smash Series.

Tips to Windows 8 Gaming Apps

The accompanying article enrolls a portion of the best gaming applications for Windows 8 clients. The present rendition of Windows may have experienced blended audits, however it most likely is no not exactly the past forms with regards to gaming.

Today we browse through some of the most recommended gaming apps from the Windows Store. Windows 8 officially saw daylight on 26th October 2012, and many were unhappy with the pace of applications being added to the Windows Store. While iOS and Android boast more than 800,000 apps, Windows is trying to walk with its head high with just over 80,000 apps.

According to MetroStore Scanner (the unofficial counter of Windows applications), as of June 17, 2013, there are 89,333 applications available for Windows 8 users. Out of these, 12,236 are gaming apps. There is a slight chance that you might not find the game you want, but Microsoft has guaranteed that most popular games will soon be available on Windows 8. Till that happens, let’s make the most of it, and play with the most recommended Windows 8 gaming apps.

Temple Run: Brave

Get engrossed in another visually appealing game from the makers of Temple Run. Temple Run: Brave has become one of the most popular apps on the Windows Store. Join Merida, the archer princess, as you run, shoot, jump, and slide through the wilderness of Scotland on an endless adventure.

4 Pics 1 Word

Millions are already addicted to it. 4 Pics 1 Word is simply great and also proves to give the mind a decent amount of exercise. Figure out what is common in all the 4 pictures, and then come up with the right answer. It is also one of the most acclaimed games on the Windows 8 platform.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds addicts, be ready to join your favorite heroes in their biggest adventure to date. Join your favorite Rebel Birds in an epic battle to save the universe against the evil Imperial Pigs. Be a part of the incredible Star Wars Universe, and save the galaxy from the evil Darth Vader.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is available on all mobile platforms, and is one of the best games to pass free time. You just need to slide your finger across the screen to slice juicy apples, coconuts, peaches, pineapples, etc. Just be careful with the bombs as they end your fruity adventure pretty soon.

Rayman Jungle Run

Ubisoft believes in giving its users the best games, and Rayman Jungle Run is a great example of their innovation. Unlock new levels and powers as you jump, punch, fly, and run through the visually stunning wilderness. This legendary limbless hero guarantees 24/7 fun for Windows 8 users.

Blocked In

A must have puzzle game with more than 500 levels to solve, Blocked In is one of the most downloaded game in the Windows Store. All you need to do is get the color block out of the board, this can be done by moving other blocks vertically or horizontally.

Dredd vs. Zombies

As Dredd, your mission is to protect Mega-City from a zombie invasion. To help kill zombies, you have been provided with a Lawgiver pistol and other deadly ammunition. To complete your mission, you will come face to face with four deadly zombie archetypes. Stars and medals are earned on how many of your undead enemies are defeated.

Finger Slayer

The popular iOS game now available for Windows users, test your pace by removing your finger before the guillotine blade strikes. To play, simply place the finger on the guillotine circle and wait for the ‘GO’ count. Try removing your finger as soon as the blade drops. Also, try not to remove it before time or the game ends

Angry Birds Space

Almost every Angry Birds game is a huge hit, and this one is no different. Join Angry Birds as they undergo a daring space adventure to recover their stolen eggs from the Space Pigs. A game that provides maximum fun in a zero gravity environment, Angry Birds Space is a must-have app on all Windows 8 devices.


Who doesn’t like Pacman? I really think most of the 80s was spent playing this game. Lots of good memories are tied up with its stunning, highly successful, yet simple game-play, and it is time to relive those great times with Pacman on Windows 8.

Word Blast

Another great game app for exercising your mind and improving your vocabulary skills, Word Blast is an amazing word puzzle in which you need to search for new words from boxes before your time runs out. If you get stuck somewhere, just tap on the letters to find new possibilities.

4 Elements II Special Edition

The sequel to the highly popular 4 Elements game, in 4 Elements II Special Edition, the four fairies that represent the elements of earth, air, fire, and water have been deprived of their powers. It is up to you to save their kingdom, and restore their powers by solving puzzles and completing hidden objectives. The Special Edition comes with 48 new levels for Windows 8 users out of which 14 can be played in the free version.

Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure

The most popular arcade hunting game of North America, Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure brings you the excitement and thrills of hunting on your Windows 8 device. The new stunning design and interface is completely rebuilt for the Windows 8 platform and the game-play provides thrilling encounters with gorgeous deer, elks, sheep, antelopes, and caribou.

Microsoft Minesweeper

Minesweeper has been in the Windows family for over two decades, and now Microsoft has released its redesigned version for Windows 8. It is still the classic Minesweeper with a brand new Adventure mode and lots of amazing graphics and sounds.

The Dark Knight Rises

The epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises signifies Bruce Wayne’s return as the caped crusader to save Gotham from its worst enemy. Waiting for him is the mysterious Selina Kyle and the dreaded Bane, who wants to finish his legacy. Be a part of one of the most thrilling games on the Windows platform and experience an adrenaline rush like never before.

Texas Holdem Poker

Perhaps one of the few apps where beginners and masters of poker play together. It doesn’t matter if you are newbie or a professional, all you need is a Windows phone and an Internet connection, and you can play poker with thousands of players worldwide. Come and play poker with players from all around the world.

Asphalt 7 Heat

Let the temperatures rise with the most stunning racing game from the Asphalt franchise. The temperatures are rising with the Asphalt 7 Heat, as users continue to race with some of the best car models in the world. With over 15 different stunning tracks and an improved multiplayer option, be a part of the most exciting racing game and experience the fun and beauty of driving some of the fastest machines on road.

Words With Friends

It is probably the world’s most popular world building game. Just make a word and score points. You can play with players all around the world, and play many games simultaneously.

So what are you waiting for gamers, quickly download these awesome games and share your experiences with us.