Tips to Become a PS3 Game Tester

unduhan-27The Sony PlayStation 3 is without a doubt the best computer game support in the market today, and its prosperity has brought forth a radical new space of amusement designers, diversion analyzers and generation offices that work exclusively towards testing recreations for the PS3. There are right now around 700 recreations accessible for this stage, and with every passing month more engineers are additionally bouncing onto this temporary fad.

The Sony PlayStation 3 is undoubtedly the best video game console in the market today, and its success has spawned a whole new domain of game developers, game testers and production agencies that work solely towards testing games for the PS3. There are currently around 700 games available for this platform, and with each passing month more and more developers are also jumping onto this bandwagon.

The game development process is a very long drawn out process and it involves the synchronization of several teams who perform very specific tasks. Once the conceptualization of the game has taken place, the production process begins. Once the production has been completed, a prototype of the video game is prepared, and this is where the video game tester comes into the picture.

What Does a PS3 Game Tester Do

The job of the game tester is to ensure that the video game works perfectly, it is as simple as that. Naturally, the tester has to be someone who is a seasoned gamer and knows how to recognize the deficiencies in the game, if any. There are no hard and fast rules about the desired qualifications requirements, as long as he fits the general description of the targeted audience of a game. Someone with a history in game development themselves will obviously be able to offer more feedback, but generally a person who plays a lot of video games is given greater preference.

Once the tester has played the game himself, he needs to communicate all his thoughts to the developers of the game accurately. Hence his communication skills need to be extraordinary. Not every gamer has a knack of accurately communicating all the facets of the game that need to be changed, so someone with a proven track record of good communication skills will also be of immense value to PS3 game developers.

Becoming a Game Tester for Sony

Since PS3 game testing requires a firm knowledge of gaming and some beta testing experience as well, the best course of action to take is to take as many public beta tests as possible. These are available over the Internet for many upcoming games, and you will slowly need to work your way up the ladder. Taking part in several gaming competitions will also help. These experiences will better prepare you for such a job, and will also give you sufficient experience to allow you to be picked over anyone else vying for the same job. There are several video game testing guides that are also available over the Internet, and you can choose to invest in one of these as well. They will give you a complete breakdown and analysis of what you will be expected to do in your job, and knowledge of certain terms and processes mentioned here will help you get a job as a PS3 game tester.

You will also need to make a good resume and approach the right people when it comes to looking for such jobs. The video game industry is one that is immune from any drastic changes in the economy, and this multi-billion dollar industry constantly requires people who can test their games for them and report any bugs and glitches that may exist in the gameplay and the audio-visuals. You will need to carry out some research about the best PS3 game developers and locate the offices that are nearest to you, and then approach them with a well made resume. Alternately, you can even join a video game testing agency.

The amount you get paid will depend on your age, your experience, the amount of time you will spend testing games, the level of details you will go to and the nature of your employer. There are some developers who prefer to have their games tested by random people from their homes, and such companies will pay you around $500 an hour and then ask you a host of questions. If you are employed by a specialized video game testing agency, then you can expect to make between $35,000 – $70,000 a year. This is a pretty good amount to be paid for sitting around and playing video games all day long.

So it is not all that difficult to become a PS3 game tester. You only need a strong love for video games, good communication skills and you also need to approach the right people with a well made and precise resume.

Ways to Fix PS3 DNS Error

On the off chance that you are ignorant regarding how to settle PS3 DNS blunder that may manifest sometimes, this article offers you some assistance in taking care of the issue viably. Perused to thoroughly understand settling PS3 DNS blunders all alone.

Having purchased your dream gaming console – The Sony Playstation 3, you couldn’t wait to connect it and start enjoying some online gaming action with your friends, but to your dismay, the console just didn’t connect with the Internet, displaying a DNS error! If this happened with you, there’s no reason to be worried. This is an issue which can be easily solved and in this Buzzle article, I will show you how it’s done.

PS3 is one of the best seventh generation gaming consoles that is the most coveted possession of most gamers worldwide. To connect your PS3 with the Playstation Network, which is the online gaming platform created by Sony, your PS3 needs to be connected with the Internet. To establish a PS3 Internet connection, you may either use a Wi-Fi or a wired ethernet connection. For doing so, the Internet settings of the PS3 need to be configured properly.

The primary and secondary IP addresses, as well as the DNS address needs to be entered properly. Your modem must be connected to the PS3 in case of a wired ethernet connection or it needs to be connected to your wireless router over a radio link to be connected to the Internet. In case, there is any problem with the Internet configuration, the console might display a DNS error, which needs to be solved. Before outlining the action plan to solve this kind of a problem, let me explain what a DNS error means.

What Exactly is a DNS Error?

Let me define what is a DNS error, which may help you in diagnosing the reason behind the PS3 Internet connectivity problem. DNS stands for Domain Name System and it’s a system developed to translate alphabetical web addresses into IP addresses for transport of data packets over the Internet. DNS servers spread over the Internet, carry out the task of matching web addresses into IP addresses. A DNS error may be announced by the PSP when it fails to detect a DNS server because of the absence of a working Internet connection.

Fixing PS3 DNS Error

Now that you know what a PS3 DNS error means, let me present some troubleshooting suggestions to effectively deal with the problem.

A Complete PS3 Power Down & Restart
Power down your PS3, remove all connections and make them again. Then power up and connect with the Internet back again. This procedure works most of the time to fix errors, quite effectively.

Restart Modem and Try Connecting Again
One reason why the Internet connection might fail is a problem with the modem settings. Restart modem and reconnect with the Internet. This usually solves the problem immediately.

Enter the Internet Connection Settings Precisely
Configure the PS3 Internet connection back again. Get information about the correct primary and secondary addresses, along with the DNS server addresses and enter it manually in while configuring to fix the problem.

Upgrade the PS3 Firmware
One way in which you may fix this PS3 DNS error is through a firmware upgrade. This may solve any software issues that may be causing the error.

Check Out Firewall Settings
Your router Firewall might be blocking out PS3 or your wireless router may have a MAC address filter enabled, with the PS3 MAC address not entered, causing the connection problem. See to it that the firewall is not blocking PS3 and enter the MAC address of your PSP device in the filter list to fix the problem.

Check out every one of the possible problems that may lead to a PS3 DNS error, mentioned above. You are bound to find a fix for your particular problem, in the suggestions presented there. Generally a complete power down and restart of the entire system, along with the modem should solve your problem. Otherwise, update the firmware and check the Internet connection settings. Check out the online PlayStation System Software user guide provided on the Playstation website, to get more details about connecting PS3 to the Internet and dealing with DNS errors. Happy gaming!

Ways to Fix the PS3 Disc Reading Problem

Is your PS3 not perusing plates? Try not to freeze as it is a significant basic issue. The accompanying article will give you a few arrangements on the most proficient method to settle the issue being referred to.

PS3 or PlayStation 3 is the successor of PS2, and it is one of the excellent game consoles, which is powered by Sony Computer Entertainment. It offers you some excellent video game console services like online gaming and various multilevel storage mediums. After undergoing numerous modification stages since its launch, it is currently available in three popular models, which are 12 GB Super Slim, 250 GB Super Slim, and 500 GB Super Slim. One of the most commonly faced problems by users is that their PS3 does not read discs.

A few solutions to this problem are given below.

Go to the Manufacturers

  • As mentioned earlier, you can fix a minor problem yourself.
    If, however, your console is under warranty, then go directly to the manufacturers.
  • You will get your problem solved firsthand by a professional (for free).
  • Also, if the solution is simple enough, you might be able to understand it and do it yourself the next time, instead of wasting time going to Sony.
  • If your console is not under warranty, then this is the last solution you should resort to.
  • The reason being, you will be charged a fortune for something that is very simple, and will be made to wait for a long time.

Look for Loose Connections

  • Check for loose cables. Switch off your machine, and unplug all the cables.
  • Plug all the cables back to their original places, restart the console, and reinsert the disc.

Check for Faulty Disc

  • If there are no loose connections, check the disc properly.
  • Often, even in our laptops and DVD players, the CD itself has a problem. If that is the case, take it out and check for scratches and dust.
  • If the scratches are minor, use commercial repair liquid and clean it.
  • For major scratches, replace it.
  • If there are no scratches, then there might be a problem with that particular disc itself.
  • Try another game, and see if it works.
  • If it does, then your earlier game was either damaged or the CD was corrupt. It is also possible that the file format is not compatible with your appliance.
  • If that is not the case, then there is no fault with the CD, and you will have to check some other source of the problem.

Reset the PS3
If the above method fails, you may have to use the resetting mechanism. Try the following steps:

  • Turn off the device by holding the power button down.
  • After this, press your finger on the power button again, until you hear 2 beeps one after the other.
  • You will be instructed to plug in your controller via USB, and then press the button again.
  • You will see a Recovery menu.
  • Select the Restore Default Settings option. Go for the Rebuild Database option as well.
  • Your settings would be reset after this. Now, check if the disc is working.

Replace the Blu-ray Lens

  • If the reset method fails, your player lens may need replacement.
  • If you have been using your console for anything other than playing games (playing music or watching movies), your Blu-ray player lens has probably gone bad. For this, you will need to replace the lens.
  • You can take help from a friend, who is an expert, and also use a repair guide. If you are a technology freak, do it yourself. But remember that the steps here are only an overview, and you need to read the repair guide carefully before making any move.
  • Buy an authentic replacement lens. Use the Phillips screwdriver as well as the flat blade screwdriver.
  • Pull out the power plug. Use the flat blade screwdriver to unscrew, and remove the panel.
  • Remove all the screws from the case. Also, remove the data cable ribbon.
  • Remove the metal frame of the Blu-ray drive.
  • Replace the lens very carefully.
  • Fix the drive back, and fix all the screws as well.
  • Close the console.

Visit the Repair Shop

  • If your device does not read discs even after employing the above procedures, the hard drive itself is faulty. Actually, you can detect this problem while following the reset method itself.
  • In this case, you will need to take it to the nearest repair shop.
  • Apart from this, other problems like system breakdown, freezing issues, or overheating should also be taken to the repair shop (if your warranty period has expired).

Every electronic equipment has some problem or the other, and the PS3 is no exception. If it is a serious problem, it would be better for you to get it repaired from a professional, as all of us are not experts with the internal working of such appliances. However, sometimes, the problem might be something minor, and we can straighten it out ourselves. If you have used the device for a considerably long period, you can take a new piece itself. So, check the problem well, and then take the appropriate course of action.

Tips to Download PS3 Games

Purchased a PlayStation? Knowing how to download PS3 diversions on your computer game support will dependably keep the excitement going. Here’s enlightening all of you regarding downloading PS3 recreations on the web, by simply remembering a couple of things.

You’re a fan of triggering and loading guns. You’ve ditched everyone else for your video game console. You deal with nothing else but Call of Duty, NBA Live, and Need for Speed. Clearly, you’re hooked. Even clearer, you’re in constant hunt for newness, new games that will kick the PlayStation experience up a notch. But before that, congratulations! You’ve made a wise ‘move’. It’s always better to download PS3 games online, than pay for a hard copy for a new game, every time. Well, to save money, you type one word on Google – PS3, and it returns with infinite results. Which one is legitimate? Which one isn’t? How to know where to download the original PS3 games from? Now, that’s a difficult one to find out. Spending your hard-earned money on an unsafe, illegal, and difficult-to-use site, is definitely not a lucrative bet. Well, after reading this article, you’ll be aware of the easiest sources for downloading PS3 games, without emptying your pockets every time. The following words explain it better.

Where to Download PS3 Games From

First things first. Hunting for the newest PS3 games is point blank irritating, for many a time, you might come across scam websites that may be offering you latest games on the block, but do nothing more than affecting your computer system with virus and malware. Many people often go for downloading torrents of games that interest them, so that they get to download them the easy way. But to tell you the truth, it is these torrents that affect your computer the most. In that case, the best way to download PS3 games is to sign up on a membership site which provides you with an access to the vast database of PS3 games, both oldest as well as the newest on the block. One of the most important thing to be kept in mind is that these sites will charge you a little sign up amount in the beginning, but it will still be lesser than a new PS3 game that you buy from a local gaming store.

Web portals such as The Best Media Online, Unlimited PS3 Downloads, and All Console Downloads offer customer support day in and day out, and according to customer reviews, are the most legitimate ones. Many sites also offer you money back guarantee, in case you aren’t happy with their services. Well, these features definitely contribute to the authenticity of these web portals, which are strictly dedicated to offer you with the best of video games. With these membership sites, you can be sure of one thing – there is no chance that your PC will be infected by malicious virus, malware, spyware, Trojan horses, et al, since these websites make sure they offer original games which are virus-free, by filtering all their downloads for the members. These sites just charge you once, and offer you a lifelong membership so that you can download as many games as you want. Not only do they provide you with video games, they also manage a repository of media files such as music albums, TV shows, movies, and games that can be played on other gaming consoles such as Wii, Xbox360, and NDS. They update their database regularly, and hence, are able to offer their members the latest updates.

Downloading PS3 Games Online

Downloading a PS3 game can be a bit cumbersome, and hence, you need to follow the steps very carefully. Select the website you want to join, and start filling in your details.

  • Step 1:To start with, let’s assume you’ve chosen Unlimited PS3 Downloads, and want to join it. Simply sign up, and pay the fees that you’re charged for creating an account on the site.
  • Step 2:Secondly, after successfully getting done with creating your account, get verified, and start searching into the vast database of the best PS3 games. Select the game you wish to download.
  • Step 3:Thirdly, download the particular game, and activate the PS3 conversion software that the site provides you access to.
  • Step 4: You need to convert the PS3 game into a format that is compatible with your PS3 console. Follow the conversion process, and once it’s done, burn the game into a DVD. A Blu-ray DVD is the best to pick up in this case.
  • Step 5: Lastly, put the disc into your console, and start playing. Note that, if you find it difficult to follow the conversion process, you can check out the various forums in these sites where you will get step-by-step instructions of the process. Well, in case you forgot, they have a 24/7 customer support service too. Make use of that, if need be.

Your journey with games, movies, and Internet access is yet to complete. People are always eager to know about the ‘next best thing’, and these websites will provide you with that, provided you keep checking for updates. Now that you’re clear about downloading PS3 games the right and legitimate way, it’s time you enter the innovative world of games and entertainment with your friends and family. Come on, ‘move’!